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UC Davis

UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center
Davis, CA
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Principal Investigator: Lars F. Berglund, MD, Ph.D.

Goals and Mission

The University of California, Davis (UC Davis) is proposing to create a Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC) that will transform its medical research enterprise into a highly effective "open" academic home for clinical and translational research by building on three key assets: 1) a long-standing commitment as a land-grant university to serve the geographically dispersed and ethnically diverse populations of inland and northern California with a health care system enabled by one of the broadest and most extensive telecommunications programs in the world; 2) the collaborative culture of UC Davis, which has one of the most extensive and interdisciplinary life science environments in the country; and 3) an established CTSC pilot facility—the UC Davis Clinical Research Investigator Services Program (CRISP) that serves as the physical home for clinical and translational research, and for faculty training and career development. CRISP is a fundamentally important CTSC testing ground where many perceived CTSC barriers have been explored and solutions have been tested. Through CRISP, UC Davis has completed the planning phase for the CTSC. In the organizational structure of the UC Davis CTSC, considerable attention is paid to create an organization that is: 1) responsive and familiar to investigators; 2) flexible; 3) well linked to university leadership, to participating academic units, and to the community; and 4) focused on the goal of reducing barriers and facilitating the translation of research gains into medical practice. Key features are: an education program focused on "team science;" extensive collaborations across UC Davis colleges and centers; introduction of catalyst functions such as collaborative research facilitators and translational postdoctoral fellowships; dissemination through tele-technology; flexible use of resources for patient-oriented research; and a community engagement program emphasizing trust and respect. The CTSC is under the leadership of two co-principal investigators, Drs. Berglund M.D., Ph.D., (P.I.) and Joseph M.D., Ph.D. (co-P.I.), supported by a team of directors and co-directors that oversees each of the nine CTSC programs, and a comprehensive committee structure, designed to firmly anchor the CTSC with institutional leadership, faculty, trainees, and the community. The UC Davis CTSC will be implemented through a carefully designed, collaborative plan, and the activity will be guided through continuous evaluations and corrections.


Photo: A cadre of leading scientists and physicians will be overseeing the new UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center. A few program leaders include: Ann Bonham, Ph.D., executive associate dean for research and education; Lars Berglund, M.D., Ph.D., assistant dean of clinical research and director of the new center; and Fitz-Roy Curry, associate dean for research.