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Thematic Special Interest Groups

CTSA Thematic Special Interest Groups (TSIG) have self-formed across the consortium. With NIH participation, their direction is driven by CTSA and non-CTSA interests. The TSIGs are in varying levels of formation, and their range of activities includes:

  • Developing collaborations with existing networks, societies and organizations
  • Identifying specific research proposals for collaboration
  • Obtaining support from NIH Institutes and Centers ICs), research institutions, and societies
  • Organizing workshops and meetings with support from NIH ICs, research institutions, and NIH conference grants
  • Meeting regularly in informal settings (teleconferences and at other pre-existing meetings) to share and collaborate

Organizationally, the TSIGs are currently outside of the CTSA consortium structure, as laid out in the CTSA governance document.

Current TSIGs

Topic NCRR Contact Email
Sleep Research Network Rosemarie Filart
Dentistry and Oral Health Renee Joskow
Emergency Care Researchers Rosemarie Filart
Neuroscience Researchers Rosemarie Filart
CTSA Nurse Scientist Donna Jo McCloskey
VA Research Collaboration Jody Sachs
CTSA Pain Research Interest Group Andrea Sawczuk
Women’s Health David Wilde
Telehealth, Telemedicine and mHealth Rosemarie Filart