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Education and Career Development Key Function Committee


The CTSA Education and Career Development Committee supports the advancement of integrated and interdisciplinary education, training, and career development in Clinical and Translational Science. The committee provides a forum to discuss novel concepts, methodologies and approaches in curriculum development, program development, clinical research training and recruiting. Members of the committee facilitate the dissemination of new teaching ideas, the sharing of curricula and planning for shared educational resources.


Core Competencies for Clinical and Translational Research

In an effort to prepare the next generation of investigators to conduct clinical and translational research, CTSA training programs have taken the lead to create an educational environment that will define the discipline of clinical and translational science. The overall goal is to create competency-based educational curricula for training clinician-scientists in clinical and translational science.

NCRR, in collaboration with the CTSA Education and Career Development Key Function Committee, formed the Education Core Competency Work Group to define the training standards for core competencies in clinical and translational research. The work group’s final recommendations for core competencies include 14 thematic areas that should shape the training experiences of junior investigators by defining the skills, attributes, and knowledge that can be shared across multidisciplinary teams of clinician-scientists.

See how the work group used the 14 thematic areas to identify core competencies for master’s degree candidates. Click here for the downloadable version.

National CTSA Educational Resource Program

The National CTSA Educational Resource Program (NCERP) is an educational training resource developed by the University Rochester’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute [CTSA]. The NCERP website is organized as a concierge service  making  accessible a variety of educational modules from the CTSA consortium training programs and the NIH Institutes and Centers. The modules targeted by the NCERP are not necessarily those of a core curriculum in clinical and translational research, but rather specialized educational courses that may represent a particular area of strength for an institution.  The NCERP resource is available to CTSA institutions’ trainees, scholars, and investigators.


xTrain Resource Provided by eRA Commons has been Expanded

The Electronic Research Administration Agency has recently expanded the Web-based xTrain resource. xTrain provides program directors, university administrators, trainees and scholars the ability to electronically process and submit appointment forms and termination notices associated with institutional research training grants and career development awards.

xTrain now accepts trainee appointments to the CTSA training program T32/TL1 and scholar appointments to the CTSA K12/KL2 institutional career development program from all institutions registered with the eRA Commons. It can be utilized now; there are no further registrations or special steps required. Training modules are available on the eRA Commons website.

Guide notice announcement for more information.

Education and Career Development Groups:
Operations Group
Career Development Mentor Program
National Resource Program
Optimizing KL2 Awards
Academic-Industry Working Group
Evaluation Working Group

Education and Career Development Participants:
Chair(s) Melissa Begg (Columbia)
Vice-Chair(s) Janice Gabrilove (Mount Sinai)
NIH Coordinator(s) Nancy L. Desmond (NIMH)
Carol Merchant (NCRR)
David Wilde (NCRR)
PI Liaison(s) Barry Coller (Rockefeller)
Robert S. Sherwin (Yale)
Project Manager(s) Johnson, Kevin
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