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Clinical Services Core


The mission of the Clinical Service Core (CSC) KFC is to share best practices, resources, and business models among these units, previously designated General Clinical Research Centers (GCRC) and later Patient and Clinical Interaction Resources (PCIR). The Cores serve as inpatient and outpatient research units for translational studies that require technological, nursing, and other expertise that may not be generally available in a clinic setting. Under the CTSA consortium, there has been rapid evolution of these Cores to best serve the needs of the broad translational research community and at the same time the Cores have experienced budgetary stresses. Initially, four areas of focus for the KFC have been chosen as high priority areas:

  • Development of cost recovery and resource sharing models;
  • Exploring mechanisms for inter-CSC protocol support; 
  • Establishing a database of CSC tools and resources, and; 
  • Protecting research subject confidentiality.
Clinical Services Core Groups:
CSC Tools & Resources Catalogue
Cost Recovery & Resource Sharing Models
Creating Mechanisms for Inter-CTSA CSC Protocol Support
Protecting Research Subject Confidentiality

Clinical Services Core Participants:
Co-Chair(s) Arlene Chapman (Emory)
Don McClain (Utah)
NIH Coordinator(s) David Wilde (NCRR)
Project Manager(s) Hetherington, Sean
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December 8, 2011
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