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CTSA Institution Events
2008 Social Network Analysis Summer Institute
August 7-8, 2008
Cleveland, Ohio
Hosted jointly by Case Western Reserve University and the University of Rochester, the Social Network Analysis Summer Institute will be a 'hands-on' workshop led by Stephen Lurie, MD, PhD (University of Rochester). The workshop is designed for researchers and evaluators who are interested in learning the concepts and methods of social network analysis, particularly as it applies to program evaluation. Participants will work with the Pajek software program. There is no cost for the 1½ day workshop but participants must assume their own transportation and hotel costs and bring a laptop computer with the ability to connect to our campus wireless service.
Contact Patricia A. Higgins, RN, Ph.D, (patricia.higgins@case.edu), Case Western Reserve University, for more information.
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CTSA Consortium Events
Enhancing Clinical Investigation by Improved Clinical Research Management
June 23-24, 2008
Marriott Suites
6711 Democracy Boulevard
Bethesda, MD
The CTSA Regulatory Knowledge Workgroup, together with the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), held a workshop with the goal of developing a system of metrics to apply to the processing of clinical research protocols. The workshop consisted of three sections: IRB processing, contracts processing, and quality improvement.
Meeting materials are archieved on the CTSAweb.org site as a past event of the Clinical Research Management Taskforce, part of the Clinical Research Ethics Workgroup.

Day 1 Materials
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Event Types
CTSA Institution Events
Events sponsored by CTSA Institutions that have open attendance.
CTSA Consortium Events
Events sponsored by CTSA Consortium committees. These are often workshops.
CTSA Consortium committee sponsored workshops provide an opportunity for participants to focus on a particular topic or activity in an in-depth, outcome driven fashion. The workshop formats may be face-to-face, webconference, or teleconference. Additionally, depending on the goals and nature of a workshop, they may vary significantly in duration and number of participants.
CTSA Consortium Committee Meetings
The CTSA Consortium description used on CTSAweb.org includes CTSA Steering committees and CTSA Workgroups. These CTSA Consortium Committees comprise representatives who are directors/leaders of the corresponding topic/functions at each CTSA (as approved by the CTSA PI) and NIH Institute scientific staff representatives.
NIH Staff CTSA Meetings
The NIH Staff CTSA meetings are meetings of the NIH CTSA Subcommittees for each of the CTSA Consortium Steering Committees or Workgroups. The NIH CTSA Subcommittees comprise NIH representatives who provide scientific assistance, advice, and coordination to CTSA topic/function areas.
CTSA Workshops, CTSA Consortium Committee Meetings and NIH Staff CTSA Meetings can be found listed on the CTSA Calendar.