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The mission of the Participant and Clinical Interactions Resources Topic Workgroup is to foster an environment that promotes participation in clinical and translational research by assuring the availability of personnel and facilities for safe, cost-effective research. Of interest to the PCIR Topic Work Group are: budget issues including program income; the review process of proposed clinical protocols and subsequent resource allocation; and collaboration between CTSAs including multi-institutional protocols. Also: recruiting patient participants that include underserved populations; recruiting investigators from various disciplines that include those early in their professional careers; and monitoring resource availability including anticipation of the response to changing needs, identification of underutilization and poor performance, and minimizing resource duplication.

Chair Mary Samuels (OHSU)
NIH coordinator(s) Barbara Smothers (NINR)
Bernard Talbot (NCRR)

Carol Alderson (NCRR)
Jane Atkinson (NIDCR)
Christine Bachrach (NICHD)
Clare Hastings (NCC)
Karen Huss (NINR)
Donna Jo McCloskey (NCRR)
Sidney McNairy (NCRR)
Stephane Philogene (OBSSR)
Andrea Sawczuk (NCRR)
Barbara Smothers (NINR)
Bernard Talbot (NCRR)
David Asmuth (UC Davis)
David Brillon (Cornell)
Wesley Burks (Duke)
Daniel Buysse (Pittsburgh)
Serpil Erzurum (Case Western)
John Gerich (Rochester)
Carla Greenbaum (UWashington)
Dilcia Grenald (Cornell)
Sam Klein (Washington U)
Lynda Lane (Vanderbilt)
Karen Marder (Columbia)
K. Sreekumaran Nair (Mayo)
Barbara O'Sullivan (Rockefeller)
Pablo Okhuysen (Texas)
Pamela Ouyang (Johns Hopkins)
Dan Rader (UPenn)
David Robertson (Vanderbilt)
Christopher Saudek (Johns Hopkins)
Morris Schambelan (UCSF)
William Tamborlane (Yale)
Diane Wara (UCSF)
John Wiley (Ann Arbor)
Jackson Wright (Case Western)
Previous Meetings

March 5, 2007

All committees have NIH representation not to exceed 1/3 voting membership.