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Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research
New York, NY
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Principal Investigator: Henry N. Ginsberg, MD


Columbia University Medical Center's (CUMC) CTSA program will transform the culture of clinical and translational research so that CUMC can develop and retain an outstanding cadre of senior faculty to lead the next generation of clinical and translational investigators. With enhanced support from the CUMC-Herbert Irving Endowment, which will increase from its present level of $15 million to $25 million, CUMC will accomplish this goal by creating the Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (IICTR). The IICTR will be the academic and intellectual home for the next generation of clinical and translational investigators. The senior faculty will provide leadership and stature for the IICTR, and serve as mentors for both the junior faculty and IICTR trainees. The junior faculty, called Irving Fellows, will work with senior faculty to develop novel approaches to advancing multi- and interdisciplinary clinical and translational research. The Irving Fellows will be role models for the way multi- and interdisciplinary research should be conducted at CUMC. The resources provided by IICTR will include outstanding support and research in biomedical informatics, biostatistical and clinical trial design, bioethics, regulatory issues, patient-oriented research, and core laboratory resources. The Irving Fellows will be supported by CUMC and the CTSA, as will pilot and collaborative research grants awarded annually by the IICTR. CUMC has invested in the development of new space for the IICTR, including space for pediatric inpatient/outpatient research and the Center for Clinically Oriented Research Education that will be a home for trainees and faculty. CUMC will also develop a new off-campus research center to support community-based clinical and translational research, and education. As part of the CTSA program, CUMC has created an integrated educational program that includes a new multidisciplinary, patient-oriented research master's degree, a novel K12 scholars mentored research program in muti- and interdisciplinary research, and a pioneering multidisciplinary, patient-oriented research Ph.D. program. The goal of the IICTR and CTSA is to enable more direct utilization of research advances to benefit patients and the community.


Photo: The CTSA grant will support clinical and translational research at Columbia University Medical Center, such as Dr. Howard Kaufman's research on tumor immunology and cancer vaccines. (Photo courtesy of of Columbia University Medical Center)